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    Harf was established in 2022. Harf is a brand that aims to connect you to your root, such as the name ‘Harf’ comes from Urdu har-oof (حروف), it indicates a starting. It was initially started with the aim of reviving fashion and making Urdu poetry and Urdu language a common concept amongst the youth.

    Urdu poetry remains a strong factor which formed Harf. For many, art and poetry are aspects of expression of thoughts therefore, Harf focuses on collections based on untold stories and unsaid thoughts that lie between us. Harf knows the importance of emotions and expression, so it connects with the thoughts of the wearer.

    Harf’s product range include a wide range of customizable coats, unisex t-shirt, shirts, and scarfs. Each product had its own story that will take you through a nostalgic journey