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    Khamoshi long coat
    Khamoshi long coat
    Khamoshi long coat

    Khamoshi long coat

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    The theme is inspired from Railways, it's emotions and self poetry. Talking about railways are connected to strong emotions and impressions so the theme describes experience with one of the famous railways called Golra railways. This visit to the station changed harf's perspective of viewing and expressing emotions. Experience here was beyond words. Sitting waiting for the call and eyes witnessed the most emotional moments of goodbyes and welcomes. The way people were greeting and welcoming their dear ones and other side was portraying separation, where a son was waving at his father. We saw a father inside the train from the window maybe thinking about his family. There was a man sitting infront of booking office, he seemed a traveler, tea in his hand, the travel bag, and restlessness eyes. We saw a pair, a departing couple they did not communicate much, but the eyes did. We felt a deep connection in those moments, there were lines making ways into my heart and wrote poetry on each scene. We think expressing is really hard for people so out way of telling and portraying situations or feeling is poetry.

    Additional Information
    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester

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